Mattimar OÜ was established on 12 October 1993.

The main fields of activities of the company are publishing, organisation of scientific conferences, business consultations and economic research and further training. Some of the additional fields of activities support the above-mentioned activities.

In the fields of publishing and organisation of scientific conferences, Mattimar OÜ has long-term experience and cooperation with several institutions of higher education and other organisations in Estonia and in other countries:

In Estonia:
- University of Tartu (Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Pärnu College, University Press)
- Tallinn University of Technology (Faculty of Humanities, School of Economics and Business Administration)
- Miniprint Printing Office

In Germany:
- University of Greifswald
- Kiel University of Applied Sciences
- Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag

In Russia:
- Kuban State University
- Voronezh State University

In Ukraine:
- Ternopil National Economic University

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