Since 1994, Mattimar OÜ has organised scientific and educational conferences on economic policy in Tartu and Värska, since 1996 the conferences have been international. The initiator, main organiser and coordinator of the series of conferences is PhD Matti Raudjärv.

The collections of presentations and papers are published by Mattimar OÜ. Since 2001, a German publisher of research publications Berliner Wissenschafts-Verlag has been our cooperation partner. The collections published have been distributed in other countries by the above-mentioned German publisher and by representatives of institutions of higher education from other countries who have participated in conferences.

The published collections are available.

In addition, Mattimar OÜ has participated as a publisher and co-organiser in the preparation and conduction of business administration conferences in Pärnu since 2003.

The issues of business administration used to be partly related to the Tartu-Värska Conference on Economic Policy. For more in-depth treatment of the issues of national economy and business administration and for the development of Pärnu as a university town and also as a perspective conference town it was decided on the initiative of Matti Raudjärv to discuss the complex of issues of business administration in Pärnu.

Mattimar OÜ has published also literature on economic policy for students of Estonian institutions of higher education and specialists in the field of economic policy:

- Raudjärv, Matti: Sissejuhatus majanduspoliitikasse: Teoreetilised põhialused ja kategooriad. Tallinn: Mattimar, 1995 (Introduction to Economic Policy: Theoretical Bases and Categories)
- Raudjärv, Matti: Majanduspoliitika alused. 2. väljaanne. Tallinn, Tartu: Mattimar, 1997 (Basics of Economic Policy, 2nd edition)
- Raudjärv, Matti: Majanduspoliitika alused. 3., täiendatud väljaanne. Tallinn, Tartu: Mattimar, 2000 (Basics of Economic Policy, 3rd edition)

The company has also had cooperation with Tartu University Press in this field.

All publications of Mattimar OÜ have been registered in the Estonian ISBN system, since 2001 also in the German ISBN. Publications on economic policy have been included in the ECONIS (Deutsche Zentralbibliothek für Wirtschaftswissenschaften – German National Library of Economics (ZBW): database of one of the most well-known economic research organisations in the global economic community – Kiel Institute for the World Economy (IfW-Kiel) of the University of Kiel.

Mattimar OÜ has organised familiarisation visits related to business training for executives of Estonian companies (and also other interested persons) to Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Through Mattimar OÜ it is possible to find top-level lecturers (including with practical experience) and consultants from Central Europe (above all from the German-speaking areas, also for communication in English) in different fields of economics but also in other related fields.

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